*LIMITED EDITION* Black Porcelain Pinch Pot

*LIMITED EDITION* Black Porcelain Pinch Pot


A limited edition holiday version of my classic pinch pots this handmade onyx stained porcelain beauty is a luxurious edition to any home. Use it for your jewelry, salt & pepper, or just place it on any surface to make it a but sultry.

Each bowl is made by pinching the clay from the center all the way to the rim. All of our bowls are hand pinched as far as the porcelain will allow. 
The process of pinching the clay creates an organic, delicate form that is uniquely different in every piece.

Porcelain hand pinched bowl. Clear glazed and fired to cone 6 (2232 degrees fahrenheit). Hand painted 22 karat gold rim.

Approximately 1.5" high and 3-4" wide.

Glazed on inside only. Hand wash.

All my pieces are hand made to order. These pieces will be ready to ship within 1 week of ordering and will only be available through December 31, 2017!

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